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Jason Tate 10/01/12 01:49 PM

New Blink 182 Album Appears To Begin Recording
Tom Delonge just posted a picture of a studio on instagram with the caption, "Anyone interested in new Blink-182 music? How about the album of our career? 10-9-8-7." Boom.

Fame<Infamy 10/01/12 01:51 PM

"How about the album of our career?"

Hahaha, oh Tom.

rufioblink4 10/01/12 01:51 PM

I. Am. So. Jacked

im_FINK 10/01/12 01:51 PM

First in a blink thread?

Haha. Damn. Well, this is real interesting. Glad to see it and glad to see Tom being excited for Blink.

Born_For_This 10/01/12 01:52 PM

As long as it's less hit-and-miss than Neighborhoods, then I'll be happy.

DevinDomino 10/01/12 01:53 PM

I see he hasn't let up on the pain killers. I doubt anything will ever overtake S/T for me but I'll always enjoy new Blink music

Dustin Harkins 10/01/12 01:53 PM

This title confuses me.

justinwho 10/01/12 01:53 PM

let's all just shut the fuck up and enjoy the moment.

Joe DeAndrea 10/01/12 01:54 PM

best or not, I don't really give a shit. I just want new music and I love it when I see them get all excited about it too.

Alex DiVincenzo 10/01/12 01:54 PM

Jason Tate 10/01/12 01:55 PM

Neighborhoods was great.

Sorry, had to just toss that out there.

Jason Tate 10/01/12 01:55 PM


Originally Posted by Dustin Harkins (Post 113678982)
This title confuses me.


tonyt3524 10/01/12 01:55 PM

MJB12 10/01/12 01:55 PM

YES! Can't wait. Loved Neighborhoods and can't wait for another album.

Likelinus 10/01/12 01:56 PM

Neighborhoods was very good and the new album could be even better! now that they've released an album and toured a lot, so they should be more tight and have the potential to do something really good!