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LifeOfDefiance 10/01/12 10:31 PM

Post some good music to study to...
Getting around that time where people have a lot of midterms coming up. I got one each the next two days. Some music definitely helps me and many others focus on studying better. Post your personal faves.

I'll start

Jake Jenkins 10/01/12 11:22 PM

Tim Hecker

mrpeepers32411 10/02/12 12:26 AM

Explosions In The Sky: The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

kazuma_ootaro28 10/02/12 04:42 AM

Definitely EITS. Also, Eluvium's Copia.

OdourlessHobo 10/02/12 04:52 AM

The only music I've ever studied to has been by Explosions In the Sky and Sigur Ros.

incognitojones 10/02/12 06:01 AM

Loss of a Child is my go to:

esposimi 10/02/12 09:13 AM

Lights - The Listening

tell that mick 10/02/12 09:50 AM

Already said, but can't be stressed enough: EITS

I'll throw Mogwai in there, as well.

EndlessPrisoner 10/02/12 10:21 AM

Moonlit Sailor

ifckedyrmom 10/02/12 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by mrpeepers32411 (Post 113707242)
Explosions In The Sky: The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

^ this, and also This Will Destroy You. Instrumental post-rock in general, really. It's relaxing and helps you think. But when I'm not in the mood I'll put on some Bon Iver or City and Colour.

drewinseries 10/02/12 10:32 AM

Caspian's new album Waking Season

swimbearswim 10/02/12 12:05 PM

Freddie Joachim, J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Cloudkicker, Halloween Alaska.

circasuicide 10/02/12 12:24 PM

godspeed you! black emperor

"sleep" and "rockets fall on rocket falls" especially.

frenchgirls 10/02/12 01:18 PM

Fruit Bats, Delta Spirit, Yeasayer (although some of their earlier work is a little too experimental so it can be distracting), The Lumineers, anything last.fm recommends that sounds like any of those bands...

clove2873 10/02/12 01:28 PM

Last winter during midterms I was really into studying with Now, Now -- as well as Lydia's Illuminate, like you've already posted.
The new Freelance Whales album that streamed on NPR yesterday was a pretty solid study choice as well (it's called Diluvia).