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drewinseries 10/02/12 10:45 AM

Not surprised, it's probably the right time. Would be a lot more upset a couple years ago, there is no denying the impact this band had on me during middle school and high school. I wish them all the best.

nick_smizzle 10/02/12 10:45 AM

this is a sick joke right?

RockVocalPower 10/02/12 10:45 AM

Talk about reinventing your exit. We all missed the writing on the walls.

Portugal4142 10/02/12 10:45 AM

I know their last album was well reviewed/received just about every where, but I just couldn't get into it. I still blast In Regards to Myself often though.

nick_smizzle 10/02/12 10:46 AM

bobsheiskawy 10/02/12 10:46 AM

drag. just got they're only chasing safety on vinyl, and it's still as great a record as it was when it came out.

Handraa 10/02/12 10:46 AM


Zack Zarrillo 10/02/12 10:47 AM

Sad times

johnnyferris 10/02/12 10:47 AM

Wow. RIP. Underoath is really important to me. Without them and Silverstein I really wouldn't have gotten into heavy music. I'll definitely be going to the farewell tour to see them one more time.

MXP 10/02/12 10:47 AM

Goddammit!!!! I hate Tuesdays. We're gonna miss you guys as Underoath, truly one of my all time favorite bands and are one of the most important bands of the past decade.

justinwho 10/02/12 10:47 AM


Killerkid64 10/02/12 10:48 AM

I want to thank Chris from Underoath for taking me to my first (probably last) Underoath show ever. Totally won't forget it.

Steve Alcala 10/02/12 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by SophGod (Post 113721462)
im so fucking sad over this. Disambiguation is one of the most important albums for me. RIP.

Same, and I really hate how it gets so much shit. Fuck today.

Keagan Ilvonen 10/02/12 10:48 AM


Originally Posted by nonohjohn (Post 113721292)
Damn, RIP.

Will Aaron be a part of the farewell tour? I would hope so.

From what I understand Aaron and Dallas will be on certain dates.

Mikeallover 10/02/12 10:48 AM

They just weren't the same without Aaron. They had a huge impact on my life since 2004 and were always a good band to see live.