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Drew Beringer 10/02/12 01:16 PM

POZ Presents: The Little Indians Album Stream
PropertyOfZack is streaming The Little Indians new album An Album From The Little Indians.

Alex DiVincenzo 10/02/12 01:17 PM


herestoyoufla 10/02/12 01:27 PM

Gonna have to check this out when i get home.

bladerdude360 10/02/12 01:34 PM

Listening now. I liked the songs they released a while back but didn't think they were anything that special, but the review piqued my interest. Wondering how it holds up to comparisons of Hellogoodbye's most recent album, which I loved.

bladerdude360 10/02/12 02:20 PM

Honestly I am fairly underwhelmed by this album. Didn't really capture my attention at all, and the singer's voice lacks any kind of punch for me, just very bland and not a strong voice, technically or otherwise IMO. Surprised that it got such a high review score. It wasn't a bad listen necessarily, just nothing very compelling with mediocre vocals.

breesays 10/02/12 04:36 PM

I love this album

kskillzz 10/02/12 06:39 PM

Not really my style but there are a few tracks on here that I enjoy.

ImOnFire54321 10/02/12 07:54 PM

Love the album. I love The Strokes influence, I'd love to see these guys and Hellogoodbye tour together.