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(. j) 10/03/12 04:48 PM

November 13th can't come soon enough.

JasonTMays 10/03/12 05:24 PM

I wonder if this is the same Trempest from the Eros sessions? (Seeing as though they had a song called Trempest on Eros.)

mka12992 10/03/12 06:00 PM


Originally Posted by Mario57 (Post 113772152)

love the artwork, has a self titled/snw feel
edit : a jimmy eat world feel as well :p

That artwork is outstanding. I love that style.

whywar 10/03/12 06:31 PM

so happy. trying not to listen til the album out

whywar 10/03/12 06:33 PM

Im so stoked. i love this band and im super happy that they r still kicking. every album has a place and time in my life

parkerjamison 10/03/12 08:45 PM

as usual, i love it.

runningohfive 10/03/12 08:49 PM

My excitement for this album has reached new heights. Awesome track.

wtfjaked 10/03/12 08:52 PM

Holy shit. Chino killed it. Hell, the whole band killed it. I'm loving this album so far.

Supernova 10/03/12 09:12 PM

Good Lord.... that song, was so good.

bs022 10/03/12 10:41 PM

Wow this song is awesome. Another great Deftones tune to turn up loud and just get lost in

ÖzgürKurtoglu 10/04/12 01:52 AM

I wonder if it's ever disheartening for other bands playing heavier music, to be part of a world where even if they release damn good records bands like Deftones and Converge will just show up when they feel like it and completely destroy all the competition.

XTR303 10/04/12 07:38 AM


PetitnaindesĪles 10/04/12 09:27 AM


Originally Posted by airik625 (Post 113785792)
Where did you find the artwork? Link?

it was on the purevolume link for a little while then they pulled it out

airik625 10/04/12 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by Mario57 (Post 113814082)
it was on the purevolume link for a little while then they pulled it out

I'm guessing it was just the single artwork right.

sexcells 10/05/12 09:23 PM

ne update on chi?