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Jason Tate 10/03/12 12:58 PM

Get Rocky Votolato's "Television of Saints" For Any Price
Rocky Votolato's Television of Saints is available for "name your price" on bandcamp for today only.

Submitted by FigureItOut

plns 10/03/12 01:30 PM

I feel pretty bad that I only want to take advantage of this just so I can get it cheaper than the full price. But he's one of my favorite artists so I'll wait to see what he lists it as.

gukid 10/03/12 01:55 PM

Can't go wrong with $10, but if you're new to Rocky Votolato, just leave a tip. I guarantee you'll be buying up the rest of his catalogue anyway :)

a nice person 10/03/12 04:27 PM

Everyone should buy this. Even if it's a dollar or two. I have this on vinyl, it's awesome.

bhs1158 10/03/12 07:58 PM

Saw this guy a few months back here in Rochester. Put on such a great show.

Mens 10/04/12 12:29 AM

This was a soothing listen