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Keagan Ilvonen 10/03/12 02:28 PM

Ceremony Releases New Track
Ceremony's new song "Everything Burns" can be streamed on Pitchfork.

InaGreendase 10/03/12 03:00 PM

More bands need to sound like the Buzzcocks.

ManchesterOrch8 10/03/12 03:22 PM

It really is crazy to see how quickly they changed their sound.

Not one of those people who're saying they're trying to sell out, I enjoy the old and new stuff, but it's just astounding.

ThisDayForward 10/03/12 03:40 PM

Saw these guys at the Fuck yeah Fest in LA. such great stage presence.

jimmyiscool 10/03/12 09:46 PM

I saw them open for Bloc Party about a week ago. One of the best live shows I've seen. I don't know what their singer was strung out on, but he fucking killed it.

kboe@bex.net 10/03/12 10:25 PM

I embrace their new sound and dig it quite a bit the old stuff was cool but really the style gets played out after awhile. Had they continued with the style on rohnert that woulda been cool but their entire catalogue so far has been great.

signal to noise 10/03/12 10:53 PM

my unpopular opinion is that they were progressing perfectly fine until Zoo. Zoo kind of fucked that up. they were already getting more punk with each release, but Zoo was too much of a change. i like them being angry. Zoo doesn't suck by any means, it just felt so forced yet somehow apathetic to me. this song does as well.

Archael 10/04/12 03:37 AM

I dunno about this, they were great until zoo happened. Zoo is just plain awful.