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Jason Tate 10/03/12 03:44 PM

From the Ashes of Rx Bandits: Biceratops
Matt and Chris from the Rx Bandits' new ban, Biceratops, have posted an album trailer, check the replies.

Submitted by tonethehero

Jason Tate 10/03/12 03:44 PM

bobcatbob18 10/03/12 03:48 PM

Oh HELL yes.

mrzippo3 10/03/12 03:49 PM

fuck yeah can't wait for this and some shows

TheRxBandit 10/03/12 03:52 PM

It's incredible how musicalily active both of these guys are. MORE MORE MORE.

15 Step 10/03/12 04:00 PM

about FUCKING TIME ive been dying for this for too long

thatwasamoment 10/03/12 04:05 PM


harveyn590 10/03/12 04:19 PM

also Juan alderte from the Mars volta is playing bass (on at least some of it)!!

joesmedicated 10/03/12 04:29 PM

Acad08 10/03/12 04:31 PM


theHECKLER 10/03/12 04:32 PM

They seem to like incorporating animal themes into their band names. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.

thesollopsist 10/03/12 04:48 PM

Fuck yes. Can't wait for this.

RyanFTW 10/03/12 06:19 PM

A Triceratops that goes both ways?

This sounds awesome, though.

abusedcat 10/03/12 07:03 PM

Um, fucking awesome.

lilRIPsta 10/03/12 07:09 PM

So is this an instrumental project?