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Jason Tate 10/03/12 03:48 PM

Frank Turner Begins Recording New Album
Frank Turner has begun work on the new album.
From the Blog Weíre now back here for the whole of this month to make the record. We are working with the amazing Rich Costey (thatís the reason we arenít recording in England, incidentally; Iíve wanted to work with Rich for a long time). Itís exciting and daunting in equal measure. Iím pretty confident in the songs I have this time around, and I really feel like this is an opportunity to work on being a recording artist, using the studio as a proper tool. Or something like that. Time will, of course, tell, but Iím putting my bets down now on this being a good one.

ManchesterOrch8 10/03/12 03:50 PM

All the new songs sound phenomenal.

Frank never disappoints.

Archael 10/03/12 03:56 PM

such wonderful news!!!!1!!

kolby182 10/03/12 04:02 PM

Very excited to hear "Four Simple Words" recorded. That song has every element of what I love about Frank in it and was a blast to see live a few times.

Jaytothesyg 10/03/12 04:07 PM

Hell yeah! Hes the man, cant do wrong

SpyKi 10/03/12 04:30 PM

Can't fucking wait.

suicidalmoose 10/03/12 04:34 PM

bring it on please

dannylololol 10/03/12 05:20 PM

Will listen!

Jaynicgurl 10/03/12 06:37 PM

Hell. Yes.

chriscann0n 10/03/12 07:40 PM

Saw him perform a few of the songs from the new album, I'm really really looking forward to this record.

DylanPPPP 10/03/12 07:52 PM


Can't wait to hear Four Simple Words. I just wanna dance.

runningohfive 10/03/12 08:37 PM

That's great. Super stoked!

Goat01 10/03/12 08:41 PM

my bets are always down on his records being a good one

InfiniteArms 10/03/12 11:16 PM


zachff 10/04/12 05:41 AM

Very cool. I missed my chance to see Frank in Chicago this year even though I had tickets. Hopefully he wraps up the album and hits the road again soon.