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Keagan Ilvonen 10/03/12 09:45 PM

Mumford and Sons Have Biggest Sales of The Year
Mumford and Sons officially had the best debut week album sales of 2012 with over 600,000 copies sold. Babel had the second biggest debut week in digital sales ever with 420,000 downloads, just falling behind Lady Gaga's Born This Way last year. The only other indie distributed album to do better was The Eagles' Long Road Out of Eden back in 2007. Another interesting fact is 1 out of every 10 Spotify users in the US streamed at least one track from Babel.

Keagan Ilvonen 10/03/12 09:46 PM

Crazy awesome.

LouderThanBombs 10/03/12 09:54 PM

It's so fucking exciting to see a BAND doing this well. Not to mention: the Top 3 this week were all bands.

drewbaldy 10/03/12 09:55 PM

Good. Well deserved.

phillipjacob 10/03/12 09:59 PM

This is one of only albums I've actually went out and bought this year and it's totally worth it.

Manufactured Dreams 10/03/12 10:01 PM

Weird. You'd think I would have heard one of their songs by now :shrug:

calciumwaste 10/03/12 10:01 PM

Coming in second only to Born This Way in digital sales is HUGE considering that Born This Way had the $1 Amazon promotion. It's very possible it would have been the best ever if not for that.

Craig Ismaili 10/03/12 10:02 PM

I streamed 3 and then stopped when i realized that all 3 sound exactly the same

spaghettti 10/03/12 10:09 PM


cubsml34 10/03/12 10:17 PM

That's honestly pretty nuts, especially the 1 in 10 streaming thing.

Ryan Gardner 10/03/12 10:24 PM

Guess I need to listen to this record then...Wow

billyboatkid 10/03/12 10:33 PM

Ridiculous. Awesome.

Jake Jenkins 10/03/12 11:02 PM

i streamed a track from babel, i admit it, im sorry everyone

justinwho 10/03/12 11:03 PM

well deserved!!!

irthesteve 10/03/12 11:44 PM

I honestly still don't understand. But hey, better than it going to that horrendous Born This Way