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Keagan Ilvonen 10/03/12 10:09 PM

Holidaze With Limbeck
Limbeck have announced three new holiday shows. Two in California and one in Arizona. You can find all the details in the replies.

Keagan Ilvonen 10/03/12 10:10 PM

anamericangod 10/03/12 10:12 PM

These will be very, very awesome.

drtomoe123 10/03/12 10:22 PM

Totally flying from VA to Phoenix for this.

CavanaughPark 10/03/12 10:31 PM

Totally making the trip to Anaheim for this. Can't wait.

abusedcat 10/03/12 11:36 PM

Okay, definitely going to try and make it to Bottom Of The Hill.

irthesteve 10/03/12 11:43 PM

Anaheim.... here I come

againtocarthage 10/04/12 12:58 AM

hopefully this means new limbeck to come...all of the albums are STELLAR.

NoOneRunsFaster 10/04/12 03:02 AM

Bought my bottom of the hill ticket today. Been way too long since I've seen them

zbrmike79 10/04/12 05:07 AM

awwman, i miss Limbeck.
they should bring their holiday shows to the east coast.

thechrisformat 10/04/12 05:11 AM

I feel like flying out there as a birthday present since I doubt they're coming East anytime soon.

ramomcferno 10/04/12 05:58 AM

I wish I could get there.

chokeychicken 10/04/12 06:12 AM

FUCK I would love to be at these.

Holly HoX! 10/04/12 07:02 AM

Of course they're playing CA and AZ

gold soundz 10/04/12 07:35 AM

When was the last time limbeck was on the east coast?