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Andy Biddulph 10/04/12 04:07 AM

LostAlone Detail New Single
LostAlone will release a double A-side single featuring new tracks "Vesuvius" and "Creatures" on the 5th November through Graphite Records. Hit the replies to see the band's video for "Vesuvius".

Andy Biddulph 10/04/12 04:08 AM

Camila{MCRmy} 10/04/12 09:09 AM

My favorite song of the album. :-)
Brilliant performance music video COUGH and I'll quote what the video's director, Darren Lee said: "The band wanted to capture the essence of their live performance. I’ve done my best with Vesuvius, but really if you want to experience one of the best live performance I’ve ever witnessed you gotta get yourself next to a stage."

PetitnaindesĪles 10/04/12 09:59 AM

haven't heard of this band in like..... five years. it sounds okay

Melisande 10/04/12 06:14 PM

Love this band. Love their live shows. Saw them live last week & can't wait to see them again sometime.