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Drew Beringer 10/04/12 08:49 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Abel Studio Session Video #2
Today we're bringing you the second of three studio session videos featuring Abel performing a song from the band's new album Make It Right, with this week's video being "Daugther." Check it out in the replies and don't forget that you can order the album here.

Drew Beringer 10/04/12 08:50 AM

Quijiba 10/04/12 10:44 AM

why hasn't "Make it Right" been reviewed yet. That shit is phenomenal

JimmyAveningo 10/04/12 12:28 PM

if this band was a little better with thire lyrics I would be all over them. Still gonna see where they go

theherox 10/04/12 07:00 PM

sweet! i really hope the third one is Fire Walk With Me