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Jason Tate 10/04/12 04:00 PM

Adele Performs "Skyfall" Theme Song [Full Song]
Adele's performance of the Skyfall theme can be heard here.

InfiniteArms 10/04/12 04:14 PM

I don't usually listen to Adele, but hats off to her. I think it sounds damn perfect for a Bond film. I can't wait for Skyfall now.

epaynedds 10/04/12 04:16 PM

I don't usually listen to Adele, but when I do, it's a James Bond theme.

Jeff_Ryan 10/04/12 04:26 PM

I don't usually listen to Adele except that's a lie because I fucking love her

Archael 10/04/12 04:27 PM

not bad

JCSurf27 10/04/12 07:13 PM

Awesome. Fit's a James Bond film perfectly.

davecerv 10/04/12 07:36 PM

Sounds gooooood!

SuNDaYSTaR 10/04/12 08:07 PM

So good.

brothemighty 10/04/12 09:37 PM


Penguin 10/04/12 09:41 PM

Her voice is just unreal.

Spenny 10/05/12 01:36 AM


XenoAbe 10/05/12 05:11 AM

fsmith84 10/05/12 11:36 AM

This is such a bummer of a song. I mean, it's beautiful, but solemn in a way most Bond songs aren't. The first two DC bond songs are stomping rockers. I feel like this bodes well for the movie and a more serious tone, though.

And jeez, how far along was she when she recorded this? Girl's about due, isn't she? It's amazing she can retain her vocals with that going on.

TomWhaley 10/06/12 03:59 PM

I think the song is great. I think Adele is great. But I think she could have some better takes on this one. Certain parts don't seem as powerful as they could have been. Her performance in the verses are great. Her performance in the chorus is just good. Would have really loved some powerful and high vocals in that last chorus.