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popdisaster00 10/05/12 10:33 AM

Not Fade Away (David Chase, 2012)

Starring John Magaro, Jack Huston, Will Brill, Bella Heathcote, Brad Garrett, Christopher McDonald and James Gandolfini, the film is currently playing the New York Film Festival before its holiday release, December 21.

BuiltToFall 10/05/12 12:54 PM

Looks like a good movie.

phaynes1 10/05/12 03:51 PM

Looks decent enough.

Wake Up 10/12/12 11:31 AM


popdisaster00 10/12/12 11:44 AM


fredchirsty 10/12/12 10:23 PM

After watching its trailer it seems to like movie of 70-80's ...

nowFace 10/12/12 10:31 PM

^^^^^Ummmm what?