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spiffa0 10/05/12 11:40 AM

Halloween 2012
What's everyone going to be for Halloween this year? Looking to steal some of your ideas because I'm not creative and very lazy.

drat! 10/05/12 12:21 PM

My girlfriend and I are going as Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. Spencer's sells hooded one piece pajamas that look like them so we're just going to wear those haha.

White 10/05/12 12:22 PM

I'm going as a burglar, and will be committing to the role in spectacular fashion.

Either that or Jay-Z.

iamthealex 10/05/12 12:49 PM

Haven't decided, so I'll also be stealing the best idea.

movingxpictures 10/05/12 01:06 PM

Saw a picture on Facebook of a kid wearing a white T-shirt that said, "Error 404: Costume not found." Thought that was pretty clever.

I'll probably do something lame and cliche.

suicidesaints 10/05/12 01:20 PM

well... I'm going to an Electric Eel Shock and Peelander Z concert for Halloween, so I need a good costume, but I haven't come up with anything yet... I've got a 3" full beard if that helps with any ideas... Lincoln, Bin Laden etc...

spiffa0 10/05/12 01:35 PM

I'd like to do Dayman/Nightman or the Electric Dream Machine but I don't have any friends that would do it with me

movingxpictures 10/05/12 01:38 PM


Originally Posted by spiffa0;113864552[B
]I'd like to do Dayman/Nightman[/b] or the Electric Dream Machine but I don't have any friends that would do it with me

Solid choice. Go solo and do it anyway.

vivatoto56 10/05/12 01:49 PM

I have red hair, a large beard, a kilt, and the greatest reason to be the drunkest person at the party.

esposimi 10/05/12 03:06 PM

incognitojones 10/05/12 03:14 PM

Going as Kanye West, best friend gonna be Jay-Z, maybe my other friend will be Eminem.


Originally Posted by esposimi (Post 113868192)

Would not let kids take candy from you.

dash64 10/05/12 03:24 PM

Probably Bane.

phillipjacob 10/05/12 03:32 PM

I'm going with this big group thats going as people straight from the 30s, we have a pimp, a few gangsters, a g man, some prostitutes, etc and we're going to be in character the whole time.

brook183 10/05/12 03:32 PM

Whatever I can find at the local thrift shop. Last year I put together a great 80s tennis player costume. Grew out a terrible mustache.

ghelms88 10/05/12 04:02 PM

I've grown out a decent beard. Now I just need a costume to work with it.