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Tyler Vagyler 10/07/12 10:03 AM

AP 2012-2013 Fantasy Basketball League
I went ahead and created the league for this season. I am using all the same settings as last year's league. The only change I made was the amount of bench players (I gave us 5 slots rather than 3, giving each team 15 total players). Let me know what you guys think about that as well as any other changes you think are needed.

The current draft day is set for October 24 @ 10pm est but that can obviously be changed if there are issues.

Also, we are going to make this a pay league to help keep everyone interested for the whole season. We just need to decide on the amount. I think $20 is reasonable but I'm open to other suggestions.

I will PM everyone the league info once they agree to join and pay.

troubledbyinsects 10/07/12 10:14 AM


M.Lee 10/07/12 10:25 AM

Count me in.

incognitojones 10/07/12 11:30 AM

I won my friend's league last year, so I'm def interested.

Clark 10/07/12 02:02 PM

Interested. I play fantasy football every year, but I've never played fantasy basketball, and just last week I was thinking of giving it a shot.

TSLROCKS 10/07/12 02:53 PM


Tyler Vagyler 10/07/12 03:14 PM

We have 6 already, so at this rate we are most likely looking at a 12 team league.

Joe DeAndrea 10/07/12 04:31 PM


incognitojones 10/08/12 01:36 PM

too late to change the league name to "AbsolutePUNK BITCHES Who Think They Can Ball When They Can't"

Tyler Vagyler 10/08/12 02:14 PM

I can change the league name but that was too long hah

incognitojones 10/08/12 05:41 PM

"AbsolutePUNK BITCHES Who Can't Ball" ???

Clark 10/08/12 06:19 PM

It's frustrating that they cap team names at 20 characters.

TSLROCKS 10/10/12 07:09 AM

Anybody else here prefer the ESPN site over yahoo?

JesusV2 10/10/12 07:13 AM

I've never done fantasy basketball, I will think about it

Tyler Vagyler 10/10/12 07:26 AM


Originally Posted by TSLROCKS (Post 114041042)
Anybody else here prefer the ESPN site over yahoo?

It doesn't matter to me. I just made it yahoo because that's what we used last year.