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Alex DiVincenzo 10/07/12 03:29 PM

A Loss For Words Frontman Releases R&B Single
Listen to Class of '92's (Matty Arsenault of A Loss For Words) first single, "So Fly," here.

elemenohpe 10/07/12 03:34 PM

not bad. not necessarily my thing but, i support this dude through and through.

guitarguy211 10/07/12 03:35 PM

That was a jam.

VeryWittyName 10/07/12 03:37 PM


mattyrocks 10/07/12 03:46 PM

i liked it

BigG1392 10/07/12 03:49 PM

matty always kills it with his vocals

therookielot 10/07/12 03:50 PM

lol wtf is this, LFO?

Jason Gardner 10/07/12 03:58 PM


Originally Posted by therookielot (Post 113934172)
lol wtf is this, LFO?

For some reason, the opening reminded me of that Nelly song 'Ride Wit Me'. Song was still good though. Interested to hear more.

wall e 10/07/12 03:59 PM

Matty is my favorite

Slangster 10/07/12 04:08 PM

I can dig it.

Playsw/Squirels 10/07/12 04:11 PM

Love the music. Not sure how the tone of his voice meshes with it though. Overall Im likin it. Respect him doing something different.

jeffrayisrad 10/07/12 04:19 PM

Always a fan. Props to him for trying something new.

InfiniteArms 10/07/12 04:45 PM

It's alright.

seanr91 10/07/12 04:59 PM

The song is really good. Following him on various social networks it's easy to tell he enjoys a lot of R&B stuff.

ZachMadeMeOdd 10/07/12 05:03 PM

Gonna be a fan of AL4W till the end, and I even gave this a listen because of so. But, this isn't very good. Not gonna just say I like it to say it because Matty is a cool guy. He really should just stick to the band.