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Keagan Ilvonen 10/08/12 01:40 PM

How To Destroy Angels Release New Song
You can stream/download How To Destroy Angels' new track "Keep It Together" in the replies. Their An Omen EP is due out November 13th via Columbia Records.

Keagan Ilvonen 10/08/12 01:41 PM


Alexx Miller 10/08/12 03:01 PM

Whoa sounds pretty cool.

phaynes1 10/08/12 03:10 PM

This is absolutely fantastic. Can't wait for the EP/album. Love everything Trent works on.

brent_ster 10/08/12 03:24 PM

Im more interested in the new Nine Inch Nails trent has been working on but I really enjoy this to. Like to see trent adding back ups more.

somethingwitty 10/08/12 03:56 PM

Reminds me of Burial...in a good way! Really digging this, hopefully they do some live shows.

Acidpickle 10/08/12 04:39 PM

I was very excited to hear a larger contribution of Trent on vocals. Not that Mariqueen is bad, it's just even better with more vocal Trent.

Wallace216 10/08/12 06:21 PM

Not bad at all, but I like their higher-energy stuff (although Spaces In Between definitely stood out to me). This one feels a little repetitive and forced to me. Still, like I said, not bad.

eaistrop 11/14/12 08:51 AM

I'm really digging this song. There's a great video for it on Vimeo too.