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Jack Appleby 10/08/12 01:48 PM

Letlive. Finish Recording, Line-Up Changes
At their show last night, Letlive. announced they have finished recording their new album. The band played a shortened set due to recently parting ways with their drummer - Aric Improta of Night Verses filled in.

Jack Appleby 10/08/12 01:49 PM

So ridiculously sad I missed this show.
So ridiculously excited for new material.

Mattylikesfilms 10/08/12 01:51 PM


Thursdaysox 10/08/12 01:52 PM

that is awesome and sucks because I loved the drum parts in fake history. hopefully the next guy is just as good.

msulliv7 10/08/12 01:56 PM

This is sad, he was a swell guy. Very approachable at shows

ConnorCorruptNJ 10/08/12 01:58 PM

super sad but wanna see them again!

k1guitar 10/08/12 02:03 PM

wiki'd their page, they seem to be Aaron's band, so its kind of whatever

Alex DiVincenzo 10/08/12 02:16 PM

Stoked for new stuff.

lightning13 10/08/12 02:17 PM

Glad to know the album is done.

Deborah Remus 10/08/12 02:19 PM

Excited for new stuff, hope that means they'll make up the Winnipeg show sooner than later too.

RabidNewz 10/08/12 02:37 PM

Probably means new songs will be on the set for the tour with ETID. Stoked.

MuEmpire 10/08/12 02:39 PM

Glad about he new album, Fake History was the bomb. Hopefully the drummer is a decent replacement too.

CastlesXClouds 10/08/12 02:39 PM


Originally Posted by msulliv7 (Post 113967552)
This is sad, he was a swell guy. Very approachable at shows

for sure. he signed my cd, super chill dude.

thesollopsist 10/08/12 02:43 PM

Sucks to hear the drummer left but I can't wait for the album.

thedaywedied 10/08/12 02:52 PM

Aric Improta is a killer drummer.
I'm bummed he's not on the new material, though.