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SubStylee 10/08/12 05:14 PM

Has anyone ever been addicted to something?
If so, please tell me your stories.

White 10/08/12 05:50 PM


Dead serious, by the way. Two weeks of my life I barely remember that literally almost killed me.

Kozzy333 10/08/12 05:55 PM

Marijuana and MDMA. Couldn't get through the day without being high. Couldn't get through the weekend without being a raving etard lunatic.

Steve_JustAGuy 10/08/12 06:16 PM

Chewing tobacco. I'm pretty good about it now, but the cravings will still kick in every now and then.

xhmnimx 10/08/12 06:23 PM

Energy drinks. Still am.

aboyandhiscurse 10/08/12 06:39 PM

caffeine and nicotine. caffeine to a very strong degree. nicotine to a much lesser one.

MyJukeboxBroke 10/08/12 06:57 PM

just beer and video games

troubledbyinsects 10/08/12 07:13 PM


muttley 10/08/12 07:24 PM

The internet.

get up kidd 10/08/12 07:42 PM


Originally Posted by xhmnimx (Post 113979332)
Energy drinks. Still am.

This. I was pretty addicted for a few months. So good.

steve187 10/08/12 07:51 PM


mbarney82 10/08/12 08:14 PM


Originally Posted by muttley (Post 113983952)
The internet.

this. the worst of them all

joexfm 10/08/12 08:27 PM


surette 10/08/12 08:41 PM

caffeine, runescape, the internet

rough life. don't play runescape anymore though.

Jake Gyllenhaal 10/08/12 08:43 PM

ice cream and shopping... amirite ladies?