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Jason Tate 10/10/12 09:43 AM

Bad Talk Post Two New Songs
Ex-Sent By Ravens' vocalist (Zack Riner) and guitarist (JJ Leonard) have posted two demos of their new band Bad Talk.

Submitted by smeed03

t00latef0rr0ses 10/10/12 09:48 AM

not too bad.

B.Leibo 10/10/12 10:14 AM

Thank God, they aren't all-around quitting music, I loved SBR

5fikev 10/10/12 10:42 AM

Needs Aaron Sprinkle.

hippiepunk3 10/10/12 07:06 PM

not what i expected. i like it.

atticusfinch 10/11/12 06:44 PM