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jbaseball44 10/10/12 11:29 AM

Hitchcock (2012, Sacha Gervasi)
couldn't find a thread, there probably is one though. trailer dropped today with hopkins as hitchcock and mirren as his wife. looks so-so but who knows, has potential

TJ Wells 10/10/12 11:31 AM

Will definitely see it, but anytime Jessica Biel is in something it immediately tempers any excitement I may have. She is just a horrid actress.

WordzandDreamz 10/10/12 01:13 PM

This looks phenomenal.

Little Ferret 10/10/12 01:20 PM

This doesn't look good.

TJ Wells 10/10/12 01:47 PM

Wow. This does look pretty brilliant. Slot Helen Mirren into the Best Actress race?

phillipjacob 10/10/12 02:06 PM

This looks ehhh, probably be something I'll only see if I rent it.

colorlesscliche 10/10/12 02:43 PM

I love 'cock so I'll see it.

BuiltToFall 10/10/12 02:46 PM

Huge Hopkins fan. I'll definitely see it.

Who Is Ryan? 10/10/12 02:57 PM

This looks more interesting compared to Lincoln's trailer. I'll definitely see this!

Plus it has flaw free Helen Mirren in it

brandon_260 10/10/12 04:58 PM

The trailer is really exciting.

ctmk 10/10/12 05:26 PM

looks cool

achassi 10/10/12 06:22 PM

A Michael Stuhlbarg sighting!

Based on the trailers I feel that "The Girl" might be the better movie but this one will be the one to get more attention.

sammyboy516 10/10/12 07:36 PM

Looks really great! Except that journalist near the beginning is an exceptionally awful actor.

TheRealJohnOC 10/10/12 09:48 PM

Had no idea there was an actual movie coming out about Hitchcock. I thought this was about the HBO film "The Girl". That movie looks pretty badass.

pinkert0n 10/10/12 10:00 PM

I'll see it because it's Hitchcock.