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stonecoldfox 10/18/12 06:57 AM

Finally someone else who likes this! All the other reviews I've seen have made it seem pretty lackluster, but I'm really loving this album.

derekjd 10/18/12 06:59 AM

I'll be listening to this later today. Great review.

CharlieCrap 10/18/12 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by Debut_Fin (Post 114334612)
First review I've read of this that hasn't mentioned Zooey

Thank you for that.

It wouldn't be out of line to mention that she provided vocals on Cowpoke


but that's it

CharlieCrap 10/18/12 08:43 AM

oh and I love this album btw. But Ben Gibbard could fucking fart into his iphone over a techno beat (*cough*"Tomorrow"fromYouCanPlayThe seSongsWithChords*cough*) and I'd listen to it on repeat for the next week so what do I know.

CoheedForever 10/18/12 08:59 AM

Can't wait to give this a listen.

BozzBlonde 10/18/12 09:11 AM

This album only warrants a listen or two. It's incredibly boring, save a track or so.

anamericangod 10/18/12 09:19 AM


Originally Posted by BozzBlonde (Post 114341072)
This album only warrants a listen or two. It's incredibly boring, save a track or so.

Sums it up. Perhaps the most forgettable release of Gibbard's discography.

fenderstrat383 10/18/12 09:56 AM

I haven't listened to any of it yet, but I'm sure the lyrics alone will be enough for me. Ben's a genius.

renedex 10/18/12 10:34 AM

urgh this is so boring. like codes and keys was so boring.

edit: if i sound bitter it's cos i love ben and i'm disappointed, obv i'm just holding this to a higher standard, it's not awful.

surfwaxsideshow 10/18/12 10:40 AM

Codes and Keys was a much more listenable boring, though.

SpyKi 10/18/12 11:02 AM

I might prefer this to Codes and Keys and I wouldn't expect this to be of the same caliber as a Death Cab album so this isn't nearly as disappointing as that was.

drudo182 10/18/12 11:49 AM

Picked this up today. Halfway into it right now.

drudo182 10/18/12 11:50 AM

And I loved Codes and Keys.

Kelly Doherty 10/18/12 12:02 PM

Can't wait to hear this. Excellent review!

Jake Jenkins 10/18/12 02:36 PM

did we listen to the same album? this shit is bad