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Jason Tate 10/31/12 01:43 PM

Flyleaf Changes Up Vocalists
Flyleaf vocalist Lacey Stern has left the band. The band will continue on with former Vedera/Veda front woman, Kristen May.

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EvilZeppelin 10/31/12 01:45 PM

Didn't they just release a new album?

iAMhollyood315 10/31/12 01:47 PM

zero fucks given.

jasonisasleep 10/31/12 01:49 PM

new album is great.

bradsonemanband 10/31/12 01:52 PM


bobsheiskawy 10/31/12 02:03 PM

thought everyone already knew this. wonder what lacey will do next. fun fact: she got married in my best friend's family restaurant in my hometown.

axel182 10/31/12 02:04 PM

Such a bummer but cool replacement! Curious to see where they'll go next. Loved all their albums including "New Horizons".

Slangster 10/31/12 02:05 PM

Sucks. New Horizons is really good. I love Lacy's voice so I'll check out whatever she does next.

anthonydarko 10/31/12 02:06 PM


rawesome 10/31/12 02:09 PM

Veda is a considerably better band than Flyleaf.

OurLadyCoolbean 10/31/12 02:10 PM

I really lost interest in this band a while ago, but just heard a new song and it was actually pretty good.

I wish bands wouldn't continue after they lose their lead singers, but I understand why they do it. Best of luck to Lacey and the band.

Mattylikesfilms 10/31/12 02:11 PM

Are there people seriously caring bout Flyleaf? LOL.

TorontoMatt 10/31/12 02:19 PM

i like this band. now i'm done. i'll miss Lacey

Gaugzilla 10/31/12 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by Mattylikesfilms (Post 114844482)
Are there people seriously caring bout Flyleaf? LOL.

LOL. You're superior to everyone!

Mattylikesfilms 10/31/12 02:24 PM


Originally Posted by Gaugzilla (Post 114844952)
LOL. You're superior to everyone!

Obviously. I mean Flyleaf? Good god..