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Anthony Sorendino 11/01/12 12:15 PM

Indie Music... what is it?
What does "indie music" mean to you?

Are we describing the type of music, or the way the music is created/distributed, or both?

Don't all bands initially start out as an "indie band?"


SkateFirm21 11/01/12 01:16 PM

was GlassjAw ever really an indie band...

Dustin Harkins 11/01/12 01:51 PM

indie isn't a genre dood

E=MCHAMMER 11/01/12 02:15 PM

Indie is a homonym. Obviously it didn't start this way, but there is now a genre of music called indie. I know lots of local bands that identify themselves as indie, it has become just another word like 'rock' where there is no clear definition, but everybody kind of knows what you mean.

Steeeve Perry 11/01/12 03:20 PM

Read Our Band Could Be Your Life. Then, after 1991, just give up trying to understand what is "indie" and what is not. My favourite indie band is Modest Mouse and they've been on a major since 2000. The only real indie band is probably Fugazi. But I'd say they are post-hardcore instead... Fu

daftpunker45 11/01/12 03:28 PM

You've never heard indie music before.

Star Slight 11/01/12 03:52 PM


PermanentTourists 11/01/12 03:55 PM

means independent to me.

jaredohgren 11/01/12 04:07 PM

It technically means both now, I guess.
Indie has formed it's way into a genre (independent from 'normal' genres, I suppose)
but to me, it makes more sense to look at is as the way it's distributed. (Indie label - not a major label, or Indie - produced, funded, etc, by yourself).

Knowing this is AP, someone is going to shit all over what I've had to say, so I can't WAIT!

Stephin_DC 11/01/12 08:34 PM

if the majority of the audience are wearing thick black frame glasses and clothes from urban outfitters you classify as an indie band

spaghettti 11/01/12 08:36 PM

I just generally think of indie as being a less "popular" and more mellow type of rock, but I know that's not what it is.

leftapart 11/01/12 09:10 PM

Comin' to you from the underground!

phillipjacob 11/01/12 09:35 PM

I think in today's gentrified society it's just an umbrella term to describe bands or labels that fit a certain aesthetic or demographic.

CarpetElf 11/01/12 09:38 PM

Indie is the new alternative. Don't know exactly what to call it? Call it indie.

Jake Jenkins 11/01/12 10:06 PM

independent but the independent mindset is reflected in the music