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Jack Appleby 11/01/12 04:29 PM

Turntable, anyone?
Let's trade new bands - come on by the AbsolutePunk Turntable room.

daftpunker45 11/01/12 04:29 PM

When I'm done with Take This to Your Grave.

upthepunx 11/01/12 11:31 PM

Feel free to jump in on this room if you would like to listen to the worst songs of a band's entire discography.

_thisisme* 11/02/12 07:22 AM

Always click the link when I see this post coming up, but sadly it's still US only

Anthony Sorendino 11/02/12 08:43 AM

Official AP room anyone...?


counting_saturn 11/02/12 11:42 AM

ahhh the AP turntable room. You helped me get through a summer in Northern Idaho.