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Jason Tate 11/02/12 01:49 PM

Frightened Rabbit Finish New Album
Frightened Rabbit's new album is officially done.

Submitted by fakeyellowlight

jess' man 11/02/12 01:58 PM

it's gonna be good. not nervous at all.

Stephin_DC 11/02/12 02:05 PM

I'm not much of an indie rock fan ... but Winter was great. Hopefully they can top that

whitelightning7 11/02/12 02:13 PM

This is going to be great. Winter was fantastic.

Slangster 11/02/12 02:14 PM

so excited for this.

Jaded87 11/02/12 02:55 PM

Looking forward to hearing this!

Mr.Piano93 11/02/12 03:22 PM

Yes. Oh Yes.

thesollopsist 11/02/12 04:26 PM


Anthony Sorendino 11/02/12 06:04 PM


drewinseries 11/02/12 07:01 PM

Love this band, love State Hospital, can't wait for this.

jdr277 11/02/12 07:35 PM

Super stoked!!

pleasedontpanic 11/02/12 07:49 PM

About time! So ready for this!

youngmountain 11/02/12 08:59 PM

Can't wait, these guys are such a consistently amazing band.

glogglies 11/02/12 10:25 PM

These guys can do no wrong. Like an edgier Counting Crows. Love it.

Anthony Sorendino 11/03/12 07:13 AM

Btw, the link in the article should lead to this: http://instagram.com/p/RiaFJUL-6l/

Not the band's FB page...