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Britt19 11/03/12 02:35 AM

Australian bands the whole world should listen to
Hi :)

I'm new to AP.net and my first contribution is a list of australian bands that I think are worth listening too -

I Killed The Prom Queen http://www.facebook.com/iktpq
Parkway Drive http://www.facebook.com/parkwaydrive
Tonight Alive http://www.facebook.com/tonightalive
Closure In Moscow http://www.facebook.com/closureinmoscow
Confession http://www.facebook.com/Confessionmosh
Dream On, Dreamer http://www.facebook.com/dreamondreamerband
D At Sea http://www.facebook.com/DATSEA
Summerset Avenue http://www.facebook.com/summersetavenue
For Our Hero http://www.facebook.com/forourheroband
Storm The Sky http://www.facebook.com/stormthesky
Goodnight Midnight http://www.facebook.com/GoodnightMidnight
We Rob Banks http://www.facebook.com/werobbanks
Hands Like Houses http://www.facebook.com/handslikehouses
Masketta Fall http://www.facebook.com/maskettafall

People should add to this list so more australian bands can get noticed around the world

Britt <3

Tomozaurus 11/03/12 03:21 AM

You're missing Karnivool, The Butterfly Effect, Silverchair, Cog, Grinspoon and Gyroscope.

Amongster 11/03/12 07:36 AM

Fourteen links without any RIYL descriptors next to them makes me not want to check out those bands.

TheRealJohnOC 11/03/12 07:48 AM

What about AC Thunderbolt DC?

Jeff_Ryan 11/03/12 07:49 AM


Free EP by a band called Field Trip from Melbourne

I listen to it pretty regularly and hope they put out something else soon

KWeekend 11/03/12 08:19 AM

Miami Horror doesn't seem too well known in the US. M-(

imchriswalken 11/03/12 08:48 AM

Anchors was one of the best bands I saw at the Fest.


Oddman 11/03/12 09:26 AM

Deez Nuts, 28 Days, Superheist

CarpetElf 11/03/12 09:28 AM

The Middle East > OP's Bands

Edit: The band.

CastlesXClouds 11/03/12 11:03 AM

EndlessPrisoner 11/03/12 11:29 AM

Almost every single one of those band are awful.

Plus, The Jezabels weren't mentioned, so die, please.

COREhorizon 11/03/12 11:57 AM

Tame Impala is better than all the aforementioned combined

EndlessPrisoner 11/03/12 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by COREhorizon (Post 114947562)
Tame Impala is better than all the aforementioned combined

except Jezabels because hrng

ESundy36 11/03/12 12:58 PM

Architecture in Helsinki.

georgedcc 11/03/12 01:03 PM

Xavier Rudd is superb.