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Latane 11/03/12 07:18 AM

Half Moon Run (indie)...should be album of the year
I heard this band a few weeks ago and was blown away. I think it's the best album I've heard in a while and yet no one has heard of them. You can hardly even find a review on their album. I have no affiliation to the band or post a lot of things on message boards but I feel like it's important to spread the word.


hit me up for link

Amongster 11/03/12 07:50 AM

Not bad at all, and their performance in the video is tight. The folk-ish style of the band, like Of Monsters And Men and Mumford & Sons, could even be moderately successful on the alternative charts if given the right exposure. It is a bit percussion heavy for radio, though.

bluecrunchy 11/03/12 03:04 PM

Pretty good stuff.

OurLadyCoolbean 11/05/12 03:20 PM

This is some good shit

phillipjacob 11/05/12 07:24 PM

Thanks for showing us this, really good.