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Chris.Cullari 11/08/12 01:00 PM

"Cabin In the Woods" Short Film Winner
I made this short as a proof-of-concept for a feature film I'm trying to get off the ground and have had a great time on the festival circuit with it. Got the good word today that we won Lionsgate and "The Cabin In the Wood"s short film contest, so we're making our online debut on the front page of Vimeo!

Know I don't post much, but I've been hanging around this site forever and a day, made some music videos that've hit the front page, and thought some of you might really dig this.

If you've got five minutes it'd be rad if you could give a watch, let me know what you think, and spread the love if you dig it!

suicidesaints 11/08/12 01:53 PM

Can't watch the film cuz I'm at work right now, but congrats. Sound really cool and a great oppotunity/foot in the door

Farva2 11/08/12 02:41 PM

I'll check it out later, in class right now.

Alex DiVincenzo 11/08/12 03:03 PM

That was fun. Well done.

blimpcityhero11 11/08/12 04:04 PM

Awesome stuff! Congrats on the win as well. It's certainly well-deserved.

sjb2k1 11/08/12 05:59 PM

i liked that!

taborbrown 11/09/12 12:12 PM

That was awesome! Really cool concept.

ZachCTC 11/10/12 12:46 PM

Good job dude. Unique and bloody, very nice.

WakingTheMisery 11/10/12 12:58 PM

Haha. I enjoyed that.

anamericangod 11/10/12 01:01 PM

That babysitter.

Farva2 11/10/12 02:51 PM

Amazing! great concept, well acted, and good lighting (closet scene) and as amercangod said
That babysitter.

airik625 11/10/12 07:59 PM

Seems really interesting. I'll catch it once I get my speakers fixed.

Fourchordwonder 11/11/12 09:51 AM

I enjoyed this a ton, especially the Stephen King reference (I assume) of setting it in Derry.

mrnegativezero 11/11/12 09:17 PM

Well deserved. Nice music picks too. Fit really well.

fredchirsty 11/12/12 04:53 AM

This is one of the best movie which i have watched...