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Ryan Gardner 11/08/12 09:20 PM

State Champs - Overslept EP
State ChampsOverslept EP
Record Label: Pure Noise Records
Release Date: September 11, 2012

State Champs’ first EP, Apparently, I’m Nothing, dropped in early 2011, showcasing a young pop-punk band that didn’t seem to care about rules – they just want to play loud music. Well, it’s been almost two years since then. Throughout this time, the guys have signed to Pure Noise, which seems to be the perfect home for them alongside bands like Handguns and I Call Fives. The result of this is Overslept, an EP that is so short it makes us long for more material from the guys.

“Critical” boards the ship with dual guitars that instantly get your foot tapping, until the drums kick in and really get you amped up. Vocalist Derek Discanio then makes his first appearance on the EP: “I’ve always wanted what I can’t have / And I’ve been making it a note to feel what’s left to feel / I’m putting my shoulder to the wheel.” Sure enough, these words seem to be the anchor of State Champs – they’re giving it everything they have with this EP. “We Are The Brave” demonstrates the musicianship of the band, with the shift in music from rocking out to just backing Discanio with palm mutes allowing his words to truly come across. The song is gritty and the meaty guitars and fired up drums giving it quite the punk sound – it’s fast paced with the pedal all the way to the metal.

The chemistry of the band dominates “Remedy,” as the calls of “I’ve got no time” are sure to be screamed throughout crowds on tour. I’m a sucker for layered vocals in pop-punk, and this song executes that perfectly. The song starts off rapid and roaring, but when it mellows and the members wail, “I’ve got no time,” the song is instantly stuck in your head and put on repeat.

Short and simple, this is exactly what an EP should be; it should make us crave more songs. State Champs will leave fans anxiously waiting for that full length, and with the help of Pure Noise, the future is sure to be bright. Regardless of what the EP’s title says, don’t sleep on this one.


Recommended If You LikeSparks The Rescue; The Story So Far; I Call Fives; Handguns

Additional InformationTrack Listing:
1. Tonsil Hockey
2. Critical
3. We Are The Brave
4. Remedy


UglyMug 11/08/12 09:47 PM

These guys will continue to get big[ger] if they continue their trend of quality

agl 11/08/12 10:41 PM

Absolutely brilliant EP. Each song is unique, and catchy. Their last EP was a good debut, but this record blows that one out of the water.

GetUpAndrew 11/09/12 01:41 AM

Fantastic EP, I'm highly anticipating their full lenght.

kemppettyjohn 11/09/12 08:10 AM

Dude has one of the best voices, imo

MJSchmidt 11/09/12 08:29 AM

Love this EP. I hope they use that intro in their live set. Remedy is so awesome. The chorus in Critical is great. We Are the Brave is a classic style punk song that is different for this band, but still works. Just an overall nice way by the band to dangle the carrot in front of us. If this EP is any indication of where they are heading with the full length, I think we will all be in for a treat.

uofmhockey07 11/09/12 09:52 AM

this EP surely grows on you with some listens. catchy stuff right here

guitarguy211 11/09/12 10:10 AM

This should be good--Pure Noise has been killing it with pop-punk this year.

Jaytothesyg 11/09/12 10:45 AM

This EP is really great, I listen to it a lot. This band should get pretty big in the scene if they keep this up. Dude's vocals are killer!

Excited to see them again with AL4WHTL/WTP in December

cococrisp20 11/09/12 12:58 PM

"Critical" and "Remedy" are the best songs they've ever written! Must buy for pop punk fans.

Keagan Ilvonen 11/09/12 01:42 PM

Full Length is going to blow everything out of the water.

MJSchmidt 11/09/12 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by Keagan Ilvonen (Post 115236092)
Full Length is going to blow everything out of the water.

Is most of the record written and or demoed? Clearly some of it is already based on your comment. I am guessing this will be more likely a summer release than spring since they have been touring a fair amount recently.

TriangularDuck 11/09/12 03:42 PM

Review's a little late. One could say you overslept on it.


ViTOP 11/09/12 04:20 PM

"I wish the production was a bit better"

BAHAHA just being an ass, it's not a AP.net thread without THAT kid!!

Seriously this band gets better and better with everything they do.
I have seen them many many times. EVERY SHOW GETS BETTER.
Some of the best voices in the genre and catchy as hell songs. .
Band is destin to do great things.

JordanLML 11/09/12 06:20 PM

Seriously one of the most promising pop-punk bands in the industry right now. Sky is the limit for them, this record shows immense potential for growth while solidifying them as legitimate new comers.