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Blake Solomon 11/11/12 07:43 AM

Staff Recommendations: November 11, 2012
If God has his plan for me, then I will find out how to die and avoid it.
BlakeI saw Tame Impala last night and between their psychadelic pop and the psychadelic video show and the psychadelic fog machine, it was a pretty intense time. Also give Egyptian Hip Hop a spin, especially the song "Rad Pitt." Do not listen if you think it's going to he hip hop or Egyptian(?) music.
Deborah Remus Off With Their Heads. Still bummed they got turned away at the Canadian border yesterday.
Gregory Robson I saw Yellowcard last night. Pretty awesome live set, but it was The Wonder Years who really made the biggest impact. Also, been listening to Icarus the Owl.
Kelly DohertyWild Nothing's Nocturne, Old Gray's Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To and all things Bon Iver.

Blake Solomon 11/11/12 07:44 AM

rad pitt

kbi the crowing 11/11/12 08:07 AM

daftpunker45 11/11/12 08:22 AM

The Killers - Hot Fuss
Weezer - The Blue Album/Pinkerton
Fall Out Boy
The League

Jeff_Ryan 11/11/12 08:22 AM

I spent the better part of the week wishing Alice Glass was my best friend

Meeze 11/11/12 09:04 AM

Blake, I saw Tame Impala on Thursday and was underwhelmed. They overused effects on every aspect of their sound, leading me to think that, at times, they were not even playing their instruments. Also, I thought the projection was distracting, bland, and unoriginal.

That being said, I enjoyed the show. :wave:

InaGreendase 11/11/12 09:17 AM

RIYL Whirr, shoegaze-pop (member(s) of Pity Sex)

"Cold Rain" is actually one of the safer songs on the record, believe it or not. Lots of cool stuff going on the rest of the record.

gameguru990 11/11/12 09:28 AM

The Staves

brook183 11/11/12 09:29 AM

Deftones duh

gr33ndayfr3ak 11/11/12 09:43 AM

Someone showed this to me this morning, and I can't decide how I feel about it yet.

Guitarfreak182 11/11/12 09:43 AM

Saw For Today, Sleeping Giant, Texas In July, Impending Doom, and Hundredth Friday night. So I've been listening to those guys. And also:
Have Heart
No Use For A Name
and some Blink-182

GeeBee 11/11/12 09:46 AM

Yo, Koi No Yokan, no kidding, yo.

David_Yarz 11/11/12 09:55 AM

The Weeknd - Trilogy
Screaming Females - Ugly
Now, Now - Threads
The Casket Lottery - Real Fear
Landscapes - Life Gone Wrong
Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid M.A.A.D. City
Basement - Colourmeinkindness

suicidalmoose 11/11/12 10:02 AM

I've been digging a lot the last Bloc Party record, Four (thanks Fifa 13):

and also Everything and Between - Contradictions EP

not to mention, of course, The Swellers last EP and Billy Talent's Dead Silence:

HazeLitRise 11/11/12 10:26 AM