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Voguerista 11/11/12 08:16 AM

Sirn here if you are a Madonna fan!
I'm curious to see who loves Madonna here? If you are fan, how long have you been one?

I've been a huge fan since "Papa Don't Preach". Before that, I was totally mesmerized by her. She's taken me on a lifetime journey besides musically. She's helped me to find myself and to find my best friend too.

Voguerista 11/11/12 08:16 AM

OOps "sirn" = sign!

caveBEAR 11/11/12 10:24 AM

Madonna is a hag.

nowFace 11/11/12 12:13 PM

best new thread.

bradsonemanband 11/11/12 12:25 PM

"Into The Groove" is one of the best songs ever.

georgedcc 11/11/12 12:28 PM

I quite like Madonna's albums in the 80s and a handful of her later singles. I'll sirn here.

PetitnaindesĪles 11/11/12 01:21 PM

i admit i always loved "Frozen" but i can't stand every other singles i've heard. i might check her discography one day

Chris Collum 11/11/12 02:42 PM

Let me tell you what "Like A Virgin" is about.

Voguerista 11/11/12 04:59 PM

Thanks for your replies! Much appreciated. ;)

Theseventhson 11/11/12 05:04 PM

Yeah I mean she should've stopped a long time ago but she definitely made some great pop back in the day.

georgedcc 11/11/12 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by Voguerista (Post 115303142)
Thanks for your replies! Much appreciated. ;)

This is the closest thing to a Madonna official thread, you might enjoy reading/posting in it: http://absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=53124

There's like 70-odd posts in there, though it's pretty shite until it got bumped in 2010.

xJesusFreakx 11/11/12 06:28 PM

Only have Immaculate Collection; can't imagine the album cuts I'm missing are that important.

"Like a Prayer" and "Holiday" are my flippin' jamz.

esposimi 11/11/12 07:17 PM

bandini 11/12/12 07:23 AM

Maradona > Madonna

Voguerista 11/12/12 11:27 AM

Cool, thanks George!!

TheSeven, she's still making great music. I just love her. I'm so glad she never stopped making music or touring.