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Jason Tate 11/12/12 11:02 AM

Blink 182 To Release Full Length in 2013
According to Rolling Stone, along with the upcoming Christmas EP, Blink 182 plans to release their next full length album by the end of 2013.

Submitted by Zummy

VeryWittyName 11/12/12 11:05 AM

Sweet. Neighborhoods wasn't their BEST album, but it was more than enough to prove to me they can still make great music.

JamesMichael 11/12/12 11:06 AM

Yessss! Blink have been on a roll recently.

ChaseTx 11/12/12 11:09 AM

Hope so.

Alex DiVincenzo 11/12/12 11:11 AM

MJSchmidt 11/12/12 11:12 AM

Interesting. Definitely could get behind this. However, I can't help but think about Mel Gibson yelling "hold" in Braveheart when I hear projections on new Blink records.

dannylololol 11/12/12 11:13 AM


Alligator Blood 11/12/12 11:18 AM


hongfong00 11/12/12 11:22 AM

Fucking Awesome!

Avalanche1 11/12/12 11:22 AM

Can't wait

Kris_Gontz9 11/12/12 11:24 AM

Nice, here's to a Good Looking 2013 in terms of music!

Amongster 11/12/12 11:25 AM

So summer of 2015 then?

honkytonk 11/12/12 11:30 AM

Woop de woop, woop de woop woop

Rysker6 11/12/12 11:31 AM

Keyword here is "ideally". I reread their AP interview yesterday from 09' when they wanted "Neighborhoods to be out ideally in 2010, so, I'll patiently wait, but, will gladly accept a new EP.

Joey-Wan Kenobi 11/12/12 11:31 AM

Late 2013, huh? ok, I will believe them.... but first I want that e.p.