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NJDevils1214 11/12/12 02:18 PM

Gabrielle Aplin
I couldn't find anything on her here so I figured I would make a thread. I enjoy her music a lot, she has a great voice, talent, personality, and she's pretty. She is from the UK and much like Ellie Goulding, I enjoy her original acoustics so yea look her up. Her Acoustic EP is pretty good, one of her songs just got on the radio this week. She started off doing covers on youtube.

Quick links:



A song from her EP

zephyrsong12345 11/12/12 08:26 PM

I absolutely adore her. Made a thread a few years ago and I don't quite remember why I deleted it. Girl's got the voice of a complete angel.

JamesMichael 11/13/12 06:49 AM

Shes come a long way! I have her original EP somewhere with a You Me At Six cover of The Liar And The Lighter

NJDevils1214 11/13/12 11:19 AM

She is pretty amazing. I am planning a trip to the UK in march I am hoping I get a chance to see her while I am there or maybe Passenger.

xxBR3ATHxxEPOCH 11/15/12 08:14 PM

I used to have the biggest crush on her. Favorite song from her old EP is panic cord. I honestly forgot about her until I saw this thread.. Time to catch up!

NJDevils1214 05/13/13 10:39 AM

Figured I'd bump this since she just released her first full length album, English Rain. I think she is pretty awesome and recommend checking her out if you like Ellie Goulding's acoustic sets or just like Indy-Folk type stuff. In reality, check her out either way.

Single: Panic Cord official video

Album Teaser:

Cody Nelson 05/13/13 10:40 AM

Been a huge, huge fan of hers ever since I saw that stunning 'Fix You' cover however long ago.

NJDevils1214 05/13/13 10:52 AM

The first I saw her she covered "That's what you get" by Paramore years ago. I haven't stopped following her and can't wait to get my album in the mail. Its taking forever. FOREVER.

NJDevils1214 06/10/13 08:12 PM

New music video for Home:

p.s. Her full length album is out now.

NJDevils1214 04/02/14 07:35 PM

She announced some shows here in the US for this summer, as well as an EP with a never released song.

Ferrari333SP 04/03/14 06:38 AM

"English Rain" is a fantastic debut album; sucks I had to pay like $20 to import it from the U.K., but it was worth it. Hopefully she can end up touring in Minnesota in the near future.

NJDevils1214 04/25/14 11:57 AM

Got tickets to see her in NYC at Webster Hall. I'm pretty excited and I hope I get to meet her.

iamdaveitferris 04/30/14 11:51 AM

Great to see GA shared here. I know her and she's amazing.

cshadows2887 04/30/14 11:56 PM

I'd love to see her and she has the truly breathtakingly talented Mree with her (who I have not yet been able to see). SO jealous of anyone who gets to go.

NJDevils1214 05/05/14 10:57 AM


Originally Posted by cshadows2887 (Post 132035770)
I'd love to see her and she has the truly breathtakingly talented Mree with her (who I have not yet been able to see). SO jealous of anyone who gets to go.

None of my friends can/want go with me so I have ended up with an extra ticket. Its free for anyone who wants it.