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BroekHosen 11/12/12 11:22 PM

Catfish: The TV Show
Did anyone else catch the first episode? Surprisingly entertaining and sadly hilarious.

Also reminded me of Amy Hopler.


ErinLea 11/12/12 11:59 PM

I'm about to watch what this bitch has to say for herself. ERMAGHERD!!

BroekHosen 11/13/12 06:37 AM


Originally Posted by ErinLea (Post 115354572)
I'm about to watch what this bitch has to say for herself. ERMAGHERD!!

Was totally expecting a 12-year-old boy, but holy shit.

Jake Gyllenhaal 11/13/12 10:43 AM

I thought the movie Catfish was good. It was the best Alfred Hitchcock movie that Alfred Hitchcock never made.

Miss Heartcore 11/13/12 10:59 AM

Still have to watch this, but what is the excuse for people not video chatting to validate that who they're talking to is in fact real?

XenoAbe 11/13/12 11:09 AM

I hated the movie. I think mainly though it was because of the marketing. I thought it was gonna be a thriller of some sort and it just turned out to be a pretty sad story.

Avalanche1 11/13/12 06:19 PM

just watched the first episode. I don't understand how anyone could not google/research a person at all in this day and age. And why would you not once video chat. Can't believe the two in the first episode still remain friends.

about3fitty 11/13/12 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by BroekHosen (Post 115357292)
Was totally expecting a 12-year-old boy, but holy shit.

haha i expected the same thing. as soon as i heard that voice on the phone i thought "there is no way this kid has hit puberty yet." it was so odd that the girl felt like she didn't do anything wrong or wasn't a total psycho.

jeffersin 11/13/12 08:23 PM

Sunny had more nice bones in her body than me. I would have gone off on that Chelsea girl if I was her. That was an interesting first episode.

BroekHosen 11/13/12 10:44 PM

I just can't believe the sisters had a legit fight over him/her. "I was hoping to have a relationship with him", like really? People are so dumb and gullible.

Avalanche1 11/13/12 11:25 PM

Sunny's Twitter: https://twitter.com/SunnyCross21

Chelsea's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChelseaBrowning

Supposedly a FB post from Sunny: https://twitter.com/ScottyHix/status/268206261256998913

Also, this girl says she lived on the same dorm floor with Sunny and says she is crazy.https://twitter.com/courtneyA13

Fool 11/13/12 11:52 PM

When I heard the voice I knew it was a girl. Glad I was right. This show is odd but I kind of like it. The thing with this kind of friendship/relationship is that the people only hear the parts they like and make the rest of it up in their heads. People are stupid, if someone is holding something back (such as you seeing them) there is a damn good reason.

This show frustrated me with the stupidity, yet I enjoyed watching it. :shrug:

Djentleman 11/14/12 05:43 AM

her hot sister got the last laugh :lol:

jeffersin 11/14/12 09:12 AM

If those links are true, it really explains a lot.

suicidesaints 11/14/12 09:47 AM

stupid movie... stupid show...