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Ryan Gardner 11/13/12 11:47 AM

Pentimento Release New Record For Free
In light of recent legal issues between Panic Records and Paper + Plastick Records, Pentimento have released their debut self-titled record for free.

GetUpAndrew 11/13/12 11:50 AM

Best dudes. I wish 'em a lucky and successful 2013.

AReiss 11/13/12 11:59 AM

It sucks that they seem like such great dudes, really sincere and forward, and yet they're caught in this shit. Definitely donating/picking up merch and I hope other people feel compelled to do the same.

The_Effort 11/13/12 12:11 PM

Situation sucks. Band is great. I'll be downloading and donating once I'm off work.

Wutz 11/13/12 12:24 PM

...hmmm...what's the deal with Panic Records? I'm curious to hear what their side of the whole thing is.

Panic must think Pentimento are going to be huge if they're willing to spend that much money (in lawyer fees alone...) and go to those lengths to stop/alter the Pentimento release.

I'd agree with them: Pentimento are awesome and they should be huge. I'm really looking forward to hearing this record and donating to these guys.

_><_ 11/13/12 12:32 PM

Circles is such a great song. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

brandon_260 11/13/12 12:33 PM

Great record. Very excited the band is still releasing it. Once I figure out my financial situation, I'll certainly be dropping them a few bucks.

ViTOP 11/13/12 12:38 PM


and try and support in way you can.

oneeightytwo 11/13/12 12:42 PM

Record is downloading now.

Sucks for these guys. Something good got to happen for them.

kidinthebushes 11/13/12 12:46 PM

What exactly happened?

TheWonderYears 11/13/12 12:50 PM

Record is fantastic. Reminds me of Transit's "Keep This To Yourself" in regards to how much I love/relate to the lyrics. Great album.

Zack Zarrillo 11/13/12 12:51 PM

Support these dudes

Thomas Nassiff 11/13/12 12:58 PM

Top five album of the year for me.

Cltn 11/13/12 12:58 PM

Band rules. Stoked to listen to this. I'll definitely be sending them a couple bucks and picking up some merch.

Jaytothesyg 11/13/12 01:00 PM

Really shitty situation..This record is really great!

I hope they get noticed for this