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Ryan Gardner 11/13/12 12:39 PM

Greeley Estates Announce New Albums
Greeley Estates have announced their new album, The Narrow Road, will be released on November 20th. The album was self-recorded and produced by the band. The group will follow up this release with the release of Devil Son in 2013.

The Narrow Road Track Listing
1) The Narrow Road
2) Head Underwater
3) Lot Lizards
4) Watch It Burn
5) Die
6) Lennox House
7) Doomsday

Devil Son Track Listing
1) Devil Son
2) Marionette
3) Turn The Night Away
4) The World You Used To Know
5) The Killing Fields
6) Porcelain
7) Cut Me Out

Nickisonfire 11/13/12 12:50 PM

this band still exists?

marsvoltamcr 11/13/12 01:03 PM

Been following this band for almost a decade, and they're yet to release a less than great album. One of the best in their scene. Saw them with A Static Lullaby back in 08 and both are still amongst my favorite bands.

theintention 11/13/12 01:56 PM

They need to stop self producing their records. The quality is awful.

red8ge 11/13/12 02:18 PM

throw in the towel guys

JWillTrick 11/13/12 02:31 PM


Originally Posted by red8ge (Post 115372112)
throw in the towel guys

I can't speak on behalf of them. However, it is possible they just enjoy writing and recording music without any intention of trying to further their careers in music. This would explain the "self-produced." I will say, most bands do not fair well in producing their own records.

Capulet 11/13/12 02:31 PM

the quality of last cd was like un real how bad it was

bobsheiskawy 11/13/12 02:42 PM

i really thought they broke up, for some reason.

SteveD 11/13/12 03:16 PM

Great band, they really can churn out albums.

Supernovacaine 11/13/12 03:35 PM

I remember I used to be in love with their Go West Young Man album.. i still have a soft spot for them, but everything after that album sounds like it was recorded at the bottom of a well

Spencer Control 11/13/12 04:30 PM

Well, at least they have an excuse for how terrible the recording sounds. Anyway, doesn't matter. Amazing band; every album has been ace.

GiganticOwl 11/13/12 06:16 PM

I remember meeting them back in like 03 when they were hucking their jams outside Warped Tour. Nice dudes. Asked them where they got their name. Checked out their set.

That's my story.

Peerless 11/13/12 06:47 PM

They scream too often now.

EM422 11/13/12 07:39 PM

Devil's Son will be out in December.... I speak to Brandon regularly and it was announced on their page a long time ago. and they are EP's not Albums... 7 songs each.

ParkwayTom 11/13/12 08:52 PM

Excited for these.