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Drew Beringer 11/13/12 12:44 PM

New Ra Ra Riot Song + Pre-Order
You can stream the title track off of Ra Ra Riot's upcoming album Beta Love over at NPR. You can also pre-order the album here (or here if you're Canadian). The album hits stores on January 22, 2013.

Jeff_Ryan 11/13/12 12:48 PM

I enjoyed The Rhumb Line a lot more than The Orchard but I'm looking forward to hearing this

I am Mick 11/13/12 01:02 PM

Sounds more Passion Pit than Ra Ra Riot but I'm digging it.

GangbangSuicide 11/13/12 01:21 PM


sjb2k1 11/13/12 01:29 PM

i think i own every single thing these guys have put out. digging this song, need to hear the rest of the album though

VanMastaIteHab 11/13/12 02:14 PM

This is way different than I was expecting, but I like it more each time I hear it. I'm sure the album will be awesome.

tell that mick 11/13/12 02:26 PM

Was not expecting this. Could easily be a Passion Pit b-side, but that is by no means a bad thing. Will definitely miss the heavy string arrangements that set these guys apart, though.

Capulet 11/13/12 02:41 PM

so so good

bobsheiskawy 11/13/12 02:42 PM

just saw these guys a few weeks ago when they played at my school. pretty good show, will be checking this album out for sure.

ramomcferno 11/13/12 02:47 PM

This song is different but good. I am seeing them open for Passion Pit in a few weeks. It is good people are saying this sounds like a Passion Pit song because that makes me look forward to listening to them a little more.

smowashere 11/13/12 03:24 PM


Ra Ra Riot’s third album Beta Love marks the band’s first outing as a four piece with members Wes Miles on vocals, Milo Bonacci on guitar, Mathieu Santos on bass and Rebecca Zeller on violin, forming the core of the group. Beta Love’s songs are informed by the works of cyberpunk novelist William Gibson and futurist Ray Kurzweil’s musings on the technological singularity and transhumanism. Recorded in Oxford, MS by Producer Dennis Herring and includes Josh Freese on drums.
Definitely sounds interesting. Stoked for this album!

NorthstarPark 11/13/12 04:29 PM

Sounds like Wes's time in Discovery had a little influence on this, I really like this but then again I have never been disappointed by this band. Cant wait to jam this album and jig when they come to Houston.

FRAMEY 11/13/12 05:09 PM

Like it. Nice free download too. Picking this up when it comes out for sure.

BobDylanismyman 11/14/12 12:24 AM


Originally Posted by I am Mick (Post 115368982)
Sounds more Passion Pit than Ra Ra Riot but I'm digging it.