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Alex DiVincenzo 11/13/12 03:25 PM

3OH!3 Stream New Song "Youngblood"
Listen to a new 3OH!3 track, "Youngblood," in the replies.

Alex DiVincenzo 11/13/12 03:26 PM


Elscorcho2008 11/13/12 03:29 PM

This is terrible.

Capulet 11/13/12 03:40 PM

i like it. mad illuminati tho

Takuto 11/13/12 04:02 PM

It sounds like a bad fun. song.

currydots 11/13/12 04:21 PM

lol this style reminds me of this :P

punchedbyagirl 11/13/12 04:24 PM

Sounds like every label's going to try to find their new fun. now.

I am Mick 11/13/12 04:32 PM

logandallimore 11/13/12 05:25 PM

I am not into this :(

drewbaldy 11/13/12 05:40 PM

I like this a lot :/

smowashere 11/13/12 06:57 PM

I don't think it's bad for a pop song. Especially 3OH!3...

SILYW 11/13/12 06:59 PM

Oh look how fall the already poor have fallen

QuietThings430 11/13/12 08:19 PM

I'd like this song if the chord progression wasn't exactly the fucking same as M83's Outro to the point that I thought they were sampling the track. It's decent. If it winds up becoming their next big hit and I heard it on Top 40 or a Modern Rock station, I'd leave it on and hum along, even if it just makes me want to listen to Outro.

Honestly, I dig this direction their taking; abliet it's a direction where they're basically jumping on the synth-laden indie pop bandwagon.

QuietThings430 11/13/12 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by I am Mick (Post 115377872)

Exactly what I thought when I saw this. That and Youngblood Hawke

chrisdazzo 11/13/12 08:48 PM

fun. + 3OH!3 = ??? So much punctuation.