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TheDemosRock 11/14/12 11:19 AM

Winter '12-13 playlists
Aside from the obligatory Christmas stuff, what are you guys listening to as we get closer to the real winter season?

Crackbaby 11/14/12 02:20 PM

Kid A

CoopDawg 11/14/12 02:22 PM

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Aphasia17 11/14/12 02:25 PM

Lucy Rose's debut album Like I Used To is absolutely perfect for colder weather. Here's a fittingly titled song called Shiver.

BozzBlonde 11/14/12 05:12 PM

Now, Now's Threads is perfect for this weather.

brennanisarealboy 11/14/12 08:29 PM

This a lot:

EDIT: ^^Grey Gordon- Sleepless

And Into It. Over It.

upthepunx 11/14/12 10:00 PM

Jake Gyllenhaal 11/14/12 10:16 PM


TheRealJohnOC 11/14/12 10:57 PM


StepsInADance 11/15/12 01:00 AM

It barely ever gets too cold here, but on the few days that it's been chilly this has been perfect.

GetUpAndrew 11/15/12 01:31 AM

Pentimento - self titled
Basement - Colourmeinkindness
Parkway Drive - Atlas
This Or The Apocalypse - Dead Years

Uhyre 11/15/12 01:40 AM

TomAce 11/15/12 11:35 AM

hah, actually just finished up a winter playlist on my itunes

1) The Animals- F.E.E.L
2) The Dust Brothers- The Groomsman
3) Huey Lewis and The News- Don't Make Me Do It
4) New Order- All The Way
5) John Lennon- Out Of The Blue
6) The Descendants- Suburban Home
7) Elliott Smith- St. Ides Heaven
8) The Talking Heads- Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
9) The Kinks- Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin'
10) Cream- N.S.U.
11) Bob Marley- Dewdrops
12) The Who- Heat Wave
13) Tom Petty- Don't Come Around Here No More
14) Husker Du- Masochism World
15) Brenton Wood- I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up
16) The Smithereens- Blood and Roses
17) Joni Mitchell- You Turn Me On, I'm A Radio
18) The Jam- Town Called Malice
19) Aphex Twin- 4
20) The Clash- Clampdown
21) The Flying Burrito Brothers- Sin City
22) The Carpenters- They Long To Be Close To You
23) David Bowie- Ziggie Stardust (Acoustic Demo)
24) Prince- Purple Rain

a perfect 1 hour and 19 minutes.

saddr weirdr 11/15/12 12:15 PM

say hi to your mom is pretty perfect.

kazuma_ootaro28 11/15/12 01:26 PM

Matt Pond PA's Several Arrows Later, Geoff Rickly's mixtape, and Rachael Yamagata's Loft Sessions.