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Jake Denning 11/14/12 06:39 PM

MOD SUN To Release Book, "Did I Ever Wake Up?"
MOD SUN is currently taking pre-orders for his first book, titled Did I Ever Wake Up?. Head here for more information.

xsinkshipsx 11/14/12 06:44 PM

on the first page


the rest is just white pages.

Crimson_Curse 11/14/12 06:47 PM


Beej 347 11/14/12 06:55 PM


abusedcat 11/14/12 06:59 PM

So it's like The Secret for stoners?

Cody Nelson 11/14/12 07:08 PM

I can't think of many things I want less.

steve187 11/14/12 07:25 PM

i would rather eat glass

Numero10 11/14/12 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by Cody Nelson (Post 115418532)
I can't think of many things I want less.

I'd probably prefer AIDS

leftapart 11/14/12 07:42 PM

"A step by step guide on how to make life a dream. Written by Mod Sun".

Step 1: Smoke Weed
Step 2: Follow your dreams

There's a dude tokin' it on the cover hahahahahaha I like this guy but I find this hilarious. I'm sure it will mostly be all pictures anyways.

NateFoundGlory 11/14/12 07:43 PM

Subbing to this, as MOD SUN threads never end well.

And by that, I mean they amuse me endlessly.

xHoodieWeather 11/14/12 07:51 PM

"Smoke some ganja and play some Xbox but not 360 lolz, make sure 2 have sum chips an shit and just chill."

Thanks for the advice, dude!

Prae Omnia 11/14/12 07:51 PM


Originally Posted by Numero10 (Post 115419832)
I'd probably prefer AIDS

This x 2

Skinny blaque 11/14/12 07:56 PM

Everyone on this thread would be a little bit happier if they all just smoked more weed and bought this book!

Can't personally vouche for the book but other than that I know what I'm talking about

But the guy has a positive message so why not?

galkain 11/14/12 07:58 PM

What if it's just a book of rolling papers?

iseejosh 11/14/12 08:07 PM

I wonder if he's still friends with the guys from Four Letter Lie...wtf ever happened to them?