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Alex DiVincenzo 11/15/12 09:05 AM

No Sleep Signs Long Lost
No Sleep Records has signed Long Lost (side project of Transit vocalist Joe Boynton). They are currently putting the final touches on their debut full-length, Save Yourself, Start Again, which will be released in early 2013.

jordalsh 11/15/12 09:16 AM


GetUpAndrew 11/15/12 09:17 AM

Can't wait to hear some stuff.

edwardyyy 11/15/12 09:23 AM


Stephin_DC 11/15/12 09:23 AM

Curious to see how this sounds

Jaytothesyg 11/15/12 09:52 AM

I'm really excited for this! I'm sure it's gonna be great

MXP 11/15/12 09:57 AM

Very nice

dannylololol 11/15/12 10:22 AM

Wanna hear this

Ryan Gardner 11/15/12 10:28 AM

Awesome. Wonder how this will sound.

No Sleep continues to dominate

rekker94 11/15/12 10:30 AM

Can't wait.

alert=danger 11/15/12 10:42 AM

Man, I really need to have this in my life. Even just a single track would do...

AReiss 11/15/12 11:10 AM

No Sleep, you sexy bastard.

brandon_260 11/15/12 11:41 AM

Can't wait to hear this

seanr91 11/15/12 12:07 PM

Really wished they would have released ONE song along with the announcement.

_veges_ 11/15/12 12:22 PM

Pretty excited for this