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Keagan Ilvonen 11/15/12 12:04 PM

Ke$ha Gets Deconstructed
Ke$ha will release a five song EP featuring acoustic versions of some of her new music. You can listen to the stripped down version of "Die Young" in the replies and you can pre-order it in her store.

Submitted by brighteye

Keagan Ilvonen 11/15/12 12:04 PM

xsinkshipsx 11/15/12 12:08 PM

girl needs some vinyl

EndlessPrisoner 11/15/12 12:12 PM

This intrigues me.

ChaseTx 11/15/12 12:15 PM

But wouldn't that put unwanted attention on her voice?

brighteye 11/15/12 12:23 PM

It caught my attention when I first heard it? But its like lullaby kesha...
But the verse is more tolerable and actually has a melody.

Jason Tate 11/15/12 12:25 PM

This is awful.

jlinitz 11/15/12 12:28 PM

lol acoustic Kesha, whyyy?

Matt Chylak 11/15/12 12:34 PM

more importantly, the track list for Warrior. 16 tracks!

incognitojones 11/15/12 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by xsinkshipsx (Post 115437982)
girl needs some vinyl


BGP 11/15/12 12:35 PM

Why is this shit being covered on this site?

ylightflight 11/15/12 12:40 PM

this is rlly good tho

JDubs66 11/15/12 12:42 PM

Warrior is going to have so many radio hits on it...16 tracks to choose from damnnn

PetitnaindesĪles 11/15/12 12:43 PM

it's pretty good, i wish Ellie Goulding would release some acoustic new stuff as well.

amorning_ofsleep 11/15/12 12:45 PM

Lights did it better.