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Jason Tate 11/15/12 12:26 PM

Happy Birthday Butch Walker
Happy 43rd birthday to Butch Walker.

Submitted by anamericangod

sammyboy516 11/15/12 12:35 PM

Happy birthday, you're a legend, new album please.

Yup, that covers everything.

WhoSaidThat? 11/15/12 01:51 PM

Happy birthday, Butch!

carlosonthedrums 11/15/12 02:24 PM

Incredible musician. Happy Birthday, Butch.

And to ETID Jordan as well.

bladerdude360 11/15/12 02:44 PM

Happy birthday!

harley7733 11/15/12 03:16 PM

The best live act you havent seen. Happy Birthday Butch!

InfiniteArms 11/15/12 04:25 PM

Didn't realise he was that old!

Oh well! Happy Birthday!

RyanCT 11/16/12 06:32 AM

His bday was actually the 14th. Butch is the man, hands down in my top 5 of songwriters/musicians.