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alexxxisonfire 11/15/12 08:10 PM

Soccer/futbol fans, need your help!
You guys know when you remember something sorta vividly but can't find it online? Drives me crazy.

There was a goal either this or last year scored by, I wanna say RVP, but it could be someone else. Whoever it was used the BOTTOM of his cleat/boot/foot, and basically punted it in. I believe it was a night game.

I can't find it anywhere and it is literally making me batty.

It was definitely recent though, like I said either '11 or this year. It was on a SportsCenter Top 10 at some point too.


GetUpAndrew 11/16/12 02:04 AM

Maybe Zlatan Ibrahimovic? When he played in Italy, he scored a few goals like the one you just described.

Broken Parachute 11/16/12 02:14 AM

alexxxisonfire 11/16/12 06:16 AM


Originally Posted by Broken Parachute (Post 115461972)

Those are both incredible but not it. I feel like it's lost. :(

alexxxisonfire 11/16/12 06:17 AM

I am like 90% certain it was RVP. It may have been a cross left to right.

suicidalmoose 11/17/12 11:49 AM

although it would be hard to mistake RVP for this guy

dinosaursenior 12/02/12 04:43 AM

Don't think I've ever seen somebody score with the bottom of their boot, how would you manage that?

j.napthine 12/07/12 12:28 PM

i think it was Ibrahimovic, Van Persie hasn't scored any goals like that this season, nor did he do it at Arsenal