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whitelipstickkk 11/15/12 10:28 PM

new band from Dead Poetic singer
At Night We Strike

This is true the vocalist we loved from the band Dead Poetic has emerged Brandon Rike has teamed up with Lucas Starr from Oh, Sleeper. Be on the lookout from their sites:


get the word out & tell EVERYONE!!

Symphonicaxiom 11/16/12 01:35 AM


...that is all.

bradsonemanband 11/16/12 07:35 AM

Stereo CHILD Stereo CHILD!!

honkytonk 11/16/12 09:36 AM

No way! Ahaha I've wanted to ask him on Twitter what the deal was with Dead Poetic, since they were signed for another album on T&N and he'd said they were gonna do it, but didn't wanna be "that guy" who brings it up. Gonna check this out fo sho, I'm more stoked for this than I should be.

TwelveTribes230 11/16/12 10:11 AM

sweet..will have to keep an eye out for this

agl 11/16/12 12:22 PM

Great news, I've been waiting for a project from him for a while now.