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Alex DiVincenzo 11/16/12 04:23 PM

Happy Birthday, Joe Ragosta!
Today is Patent Pending frontman Joe Ragosta's birthday. Leave him some love in the replies.

ChaseTx 11/16/12 04:52 PM

Happy birthday!

TheRealJohnOC 11/16/12 04:55 PM

Happy birthday Joe!

jamestownstory 11/16/12 05:31 PM

Happy Birthday duder! Hope it's a good one!

nickthehick2 11/16/12 05:36 PM

Happy Birthday man! Hopefully you guys only get bigger

Punkdc 11/16/12 05:37 PM

Happy first birthday as a married man!

JesseKilgannon 11/16/12 05:37 PM

I'll never forget when i saw Geoff Rickley singing their songs at Warped Tour haha

rekker94 11/16/12 06:00 PM

Happy Birthday! Such an awesome dude

AdamBanks 11/16/12 07:10 PM


Originally Posted by nickthehick2 (Post 115480072)
Happy Birthday man! Hopefully you guys only get bigger

I hope you keep growing too! You'll be 10 feet tall by 2014! Happy birthday dude!

MrGlanthor 11/16/12 10:13 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE! Every time I see you guys on Long Island you kill it

TerrancePryor 11/17/12 12:16 AM

Happy belated birthday,dude bro man!

WeWereGiants 11/17/12 03:26 AM

Happy Birthday! Keep on killing it!!

AsfAstAswegofar 11/17/12 10:58 AM

Happy Birthday Joe, You have rocked some serious memories into my skull!

kskillzz 11/17/12 12:08 PM

Have a good one Joe!

loveisdead 11/18/12 12:46 AM

He's a good dude. Happy birthday to him.