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trenteverywhere 11/17/12 12:54 AM

Ambient Instrumental Hip Hop

cityian 11/17/12 01:32 PM

this is really good. nice and chill. good work.

leftapart 11/17/12 03:43 PM

I enjoyed this, in for more!

brook183 11/18/12 05:31 PM

I liked this, but what makes it hip hop? More out of curiosity, I'm not here to argue genres.

Jake Jenkins 11/18/12 05:36 PM

quick someone post a clams casino song

maxvsmaradona 11/18/12 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by SophGod (Post 115533432)
quick someone post a clams casino song

honestly my first thought

yayitsjoe 11/19/12 06:24 PM

when I read this, I first thought of Nujabes.